Want to spend more time creating and shipping frontend features and less time on your backend?

Joe Emison, Co-founder and CTO of Branch Insurance, is familiar with this topic. Joe has over 20 years of web development experience, founded several companies, and currently leads the engineering team at Branch.

Joe Emison

CTO, Branch Insurance

Branch knows they can’t just rest on the status quo; they always have to innovate to drive a more efficient frontend and better user experience. Find out how they’re able to focus more time on iterating and enhancing the Branch platform, and how they get the user insights to do this better than ever.

Join us on March 25th, at 2pm (eastern) to learn how:
  • Branch has been able to spend more time than ever on iterating and pushing new features
  • The team has been able to glean accurate user insights to inform roadmap
  • Serverless architectures allow frontend developers to spend more time creating and innovating new features
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